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Three big things are happening on October 10th:

  • I’m releasing a new song. it’s called Sunshine State of Mind. (you can pre-save it here)
  • Rise Up is happening in Port St. Joe, FL. It’s an event celebrating their journey toward rebuilding after Michael. I have the privilege of playing for them.
  • It will be exactly 1 year since Hurricane Michael devastated the Forgotten Coast of Florida.

October 10th is going to be beautiful. It’s also going to be emotional. I’m probably going to cry like a baby on stage for every one to see.

Sometimes I feel all weird and shameful about how I feel. Like I’ve “inserted myself” into a heartbreak that doesn’t belong to me. And it’s true, I wasn’t there for the storm. I’ve never even been to the forgotten coast.

But hurricane survivors are my people. They’re my grandmother and grandfather who lost their home to Katrina in ’05. They’re my aunts and uncles and cousins who were displaced from New Orleans. They’re my fellow Floridians who deal with storms year in and year out. How could my heart not break watching Michael take even more from people?

I re-wrote this song in my living room after the storm with what I’d say to Michael survivors if I could tell them. And… (and this is BANANAS)… I get to tell them on October 10th.

This song is a little hand on your shoulder. When you hear it, I hope it brings you joy and comfort.

We all have our own storms that devastate us – whether they’re Michael or Katrina or Dorian or divorce or illness or failure or loss. We all know devastation in one form or another.

I hope this song helps rise you up above the water line. You’re stronger than the tide.

Anyway. Off my soap box now. Thanks for listening. 🙂

You can pre-save Sunshine State of Mind here so it will be ready for you to listen to on October 10th. Stay sunny, friends.

Pre-Save "Sunshine State of Mind" today on Spotify, or pre-order on itunes, or anywhere you like to listen to music, honestly there are SO many options omg you just do you (but just pre-save it!). xo Sarah Spencer



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