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New Music. And some thoughts on trauma that isn't mine.

New Music. And some thoughts on trauma that isn’t mine.

October 1, 2019

Three big things are happening on October 10th: I’m releasing a new song. it’s called Sunshine State of Mind. (you can pre-save it here) Rise Up is happening in Port St. Joe, FL. It’s an event celebrating their journey toward rebuilding after Michael. I have the privilege of playing for them.It will be exactly 1 year since Hurricane Michael devastated the Forgotten Coast of Florida. October 10th is going to be beautiful. It’s also going to be emotional. I’m probably going to cry like a baby on stage for every one to see. Sometimes I feel all weird and shameful...

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BEACH PLZ - A playlist for the beach, by Sarah Spencer

Going to the beach? Take this playlist with you!

August 7, 2019

If you’re planning a beach trip (or even if you just wish you were at the beach – hi, me!) here’s a playlist full of tunes to get you in the coastal state of mind. It’s got some of my own music, a TON os songs from my friends, and some of my favorite beachy tunes from other artists. I’m always updating it and tossing new songs in it as I discover them. Give this playlist a follow and I’ll meet you at the beach!

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Behind the Scenes: The Writing of Lost Amen and Project 52 Performance/Interview

BTS: Lost Amen and Filming Project 52

July 31, 2019

Last week I had the privilege to hang out with my friend Troy Castellano at his studio and do two very cool things: Record demo vocals on a song we wrote with John CirilloDo an interview AND perform said song on his web series, Project 52 (subscribe! It’s awesome) Behind a microphone is one of my favorite places to be. I truly feel like I’m in my element in the studio. The demo came out so lovely with Troy’s production and he gave my voice a polish that makes it all shine! The demo will go out to get pitched...

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If You’re In Nashville April 23, COME TO THIS SHOW |

If you’re in Nashville April 23, COME TO THIS SHOW.

March 29, 2019

Ugh you guys. My heart is so big right now. Are you going to be in Nashville on April 23? If you are, I would love to invite you to a benefit show that I’m playing at The Listening Room. We’re playing to support the high school seniors and their families down in Port St. Joe, Florida, a beach town that was hit really hard during Hurricane Michael. We want to take some of the financial burden off these families so their seniors can go to Grad Bash this year. (I went to Disney’s Grad Nite as a senior, it...

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Why I'm Releasing New Music Since 2014 (Yeah, it's really been that long) |

Why I’m Releasing New Music Since 2014 – Yeah, it’s really been that long.

March 25, 2019

Hey friends! So it’s taken me a few attempts to write this post. I’m releasing new music – Surprise! If you follow me on insta or Facebook, then you already know this. The first single (of many to come) is called Little One Bedroom, and you can pre-order it here: But why? Seriously, why? Why am I releasing this song now, why is it the coolest latest new single you’ll hear this year and why am I making such a big deal about it? Here it comes. Here’s the big truth. You ready? I’m releasing new music because I...

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